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Some people are known for punctuality. Others are always late maybe even procrastinators. The majority are somewhere in between. I must confess my OCD inclinations and propensity, cause me to lean more toward the punctual or even before it’s needed or due side. I fret when I am behind on anything. Even though most of the time it’s a self imposed schedule.
I thought about this because today (8 days after our 30th wedding anniversary) we finally went out to eat. This was my part of “cooking” for the celebration. You can be sure my sweet Susie (she’s actually Honey-Pot to me) fed us well on our anniversary. Just as she does every day. But for my part Red Lobster had to help. After all we wanted to enjoy it. My foray into cooking was left behind many decades ago. After I violated one of the, unknown to me, cardinal rules of cooking. Try before serving. It’s amazong what forgetting to put in one ingredient can do. But let me advise you that forgetting the sugar in ‘ “Sugar Cookies is not a thing to be celebrated. Since that day I’ve never tried a thing that couldn’t legitimaly go in toaster slot or microwave oven.
As Sue and I celebrated (again) this time” late” ;it wasn’t a problem.
Somethings are perfectly fine late. After all a popular saying is” better late than never. “. But friend there is one thing you and noone needs to be late for. When we draw our last eartly breath. We’ll take the next breath a moment later. It will be in one of two places. Heaven or hell. Make no mistake hell was not God’s plan for any of us. His very own Son, Jesus Christ, came and paid a horrible price for sins He never committed. So that we might have eternal life.

But we must accept His free gift by confessing our sinfulness and asking Jesus to be the Lord of our life.
We need to be certain of that decision now. Why? We never know when we will draw our last breath. Every day people leave this life unexpectedly and some knowing perhaps their time is drawing near.
We also need to know that I believe we are in the end times and the second coming of Jesus could occur any time. (No! I have no guess or prediction. Stay or move away from anyone who claims to know exactly when.) All I know is Jesus is coming back. This time to rule and reign! Today the second coming is one day closer than yesterday. Be prepared for eternity and live and work for Jeus every day until the end. Hear and consider these words recorded in the Bible in 2 Peter 3:10
“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.” (2 Peter 3:10) NKJV
Dear hearts my prayer for you is that you will be prepared for eternity. It is one of the things that you better not be late for.
Many things are okay being put off but not this matter.
If you have questions or concerns please see the Faith in Jesus link on Ditties4u.com or email me. I will be happy to share with you.
Remember. Go brag on Jesus!

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